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You did it! You got engaged! Humungous congratulations from us to you! One of the first things to do now is get some engagement photos. But do you really need them? Here’s our take on what makes engagement sessions so important!
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Three reasons we HIGHLY recommend engagement sessions!

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1. It’s about the relationship!

Getting to know your photographer is a key aspect to making amazing photographs. We are super relational people, because we love people in love, that means you! We’ve also learned over the years that knowing our couples on a deeper level leads to better images. It creates a completely different dynamic during a wedding day shoot. Rather than being strangers working for someone taking pretty pictures. It becomes a set of friends gathered together to create intimate memories!
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2. It’s good practice for you AND your photographer!

Most couples we work with have never worked with a professional photographer. And that is complete ok! It’s our job as professionals to help you feel comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera. We work with you to learn how to pose with each other in ways that look natural and unique to how you two interact! An engagement session is a trial run for your wedding day to help you get all of the jitters out and see how fun and easy it is!
An engagement session is just as helpful to us as photographers! It helps us discover what looks the absolute best for you both. Once we have dialed in exactly what is “your look and feel”. We are able to use that on your wedding day. This can simply be us seeing how you hold each other when walking together. Or how you smile at each other when you think we aren’t looking. We capture all of those subtle moments. That’s what makes your photos truly unique to your relationship and love story!
An engagement session is also very much like the dress rehearsal for your wedding day portrait session. It will help the day of photos go so much smoother especially because you will be more limited on time!
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3. It helps give you peace of mind!

We are obsessed with all of the emails we get that are filled with “LOVE LOVE LOVE THESE PHOTOS!!!”. They really do make our day! We honestly believe it’s because our couples are so relieved that they know that their wedding photos are going to turn out incredible. Seeing yourself in your own beautiful engagement photos gives you that peace of mind. We promise we are going to do our very best to make sure that your wedding photos are absolutely breathtaking!
Bonus Reasons: Doing an engagement session gives you beautiful photos for your save the dates! Using the same photographer for both will give you the most cohesive photos!
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We hope this quick blog post has been helpful! Keep an eye out for an upcoming post on tips for planning an amazing engagement session!
If you found these tips helpful be sure to check out some of our work or feel free to reach out and say hello by clicking here.
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Chelsea & Casey Circle Oak Ranch Wedding

Emotional and Intimate Wedding Under the Oaks

Set against the beautiful landscape this Circle Oak Ranch Wedding in San Diego, was smitten by the natural and rustic elements. Chelsea and Casey are two of the sweetest souls we have yet to photograph, they truly are in love. They don’t need posing or directing, for them just being together results in beauty.
Without a cloud in the sky they tearfully and joyfully stated their vows to one another. All while guests sat under the shade of a giant oak tree. Their ceremony was without a doubt the most tender and intimate. One of our favorite moments was when their bridal party and family gathered around them to pray over them and their marriage. I don’t think there was a dry eye in the audience.
Their colors were a mixture of sky blue, greys, creams and greens. Which were woven through all their details and complimented their location’s natural tones. Chelsea absolutely glowed in her simple yet gorgeous lace gown by BHLDN. It went so perfectly with her hair in golden waves tumbling down her back. We loved that she surprised us all and changed up her hair after the ceremony into a stunning messy pony. That simple change created a look so natural and radiant, it suited her personality. We were even more in love when we found out that it’s Casey’s favorite hairstyle on his bride!
They opted for dinner in a courtyard under a canopy of trees. Surrounded by their loved ones, they were treated to a feast of true Italian cuisine. One of our personal local favorites – Buona Forchetta. Afterwards they had s’mores around a fire pit for dessert which was a sweet surprise for the kids. At dusk we stole them away up to the mountain top for some magical photos. There we were drenched in dreamy California sunlight. We couldn’t have envisioned a more perfect wedding!
Cicle Oak Ranch Wedding, Chelsea & Casey, Deer Lovers Wedding Photography, Deer Lovers, Fine Art Film, Rustic Wedding Details
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5 Minutes with Our New Associate Dani Toscano!

Tell us a little bit about you.. where you’re from, your hobbies etc..
I’m a San Diego native! Aside from photography, I love creating things with my hands! I’ve taken up embroidery, weaving, knitting, and illustrating with pen & ink!
The perfect day for you looks like..
My perfect day would be spent exploring or hiking a new landscape and then maybe ending it with a hot yoga session. My favorite landscapes are Joshua Tree, Glamis Sand Dunes, and Ojai! I’m so fortunate to love where I live. California has such a variety of places to escape to. One of my favorite things is taking a long road trip up the California coast highway, listening to a nice playlist. From sun-kissed cliffs to a herd of wild zebras to the Santa Cruz Redwoods, there are so many exceptional sceneries to enjoy and make memories in!
What you love most about weddings is..
I love the love in weddings! I feel so grateful to meet couples, share their stories, and also just capture the most intimate time of their lives. And secretly I cry tears of joy almost every time during a ceremony. I adore the light couples radiate in weddings, but also how much love surrounds and envelops our brides and grooms.
If you have a free Sunday you would spend it..
I love playing a fun game of ultimate frisbee with friends or hosting a game night. My game recommendation for any party: Celebrity Bowl!
Your most memorable travel experience was..
Traveling is so wonderful and serendipitous! When I turned 15, I chose to travel to France, England, Kenya, and Tanzania in place of my quinceanera. My favorite part of the trip was seeing the vast Tanzanian reserves and spotting my favorite animals. I was so fortunate to share moments with a herd of elephants right outside my hut, a lion troop that came up to our safari van, and even visit Mount Kilimanjaro. We also visited a Masaii tribe where the king’s son gave us a tour and told us the history of their tribe. I was introduced to so much during that time and I couldn’t be more grateful!
The country you most want to visit is..
Iceland! Or Madagascar. Two entirely separate countries that I’m in so much awe of!
If you could give newly engaged couples one piece of advice it would be..
Love one another and enjoy being in this sweet moment.
If you could live anywhere in the world it would be..
I think if I lived anywhere in the world, excluding California, it would have to be Hawaii or New Zealand. With Hawaii, I have so much history and nostalgia because my grandparents lived in Oahu. When I was young, I’d visit their home that had a private beach. I’d swim with my grandpa around the nearby coral reef or I’d find all the little gecko eggs around their outdoor sheds and create my annual “Gecko Nursery.”  With New Zealand, I road tripped across the islands for a month and fell madly in love with the countryside.
Your favorite movie is..
I really enjoy artsy Science Fiction films. My favorite has to be Donnie Darko. It has a really cool 80s soundtrack and is just so mind-bending and weird. I love watching films that challenge the way I think… On the other hand, I have a huge guilty pleasure for 90s romantic comedies that I could watch over and over again.
The most memorable meal you’ve ever eaten was..
I once had crocodile in Tanzania. This was a big deal for me because I’m absolutely terrified of crocodiles!
Aside from family & friends, three things you can’t live without?
My cats Penny & Mochi, a really great hammock, and lemon cake!
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